The Intentional Performance Academy is a 12-week academy where Ryan Bennett guides you to reach your full potential in all the areas of your life.

At the completion of the academy, you will walk away with:

→ Individualized instruction from Ryan Bennett

→ Deep proficiency in the proven method of intentional growth

→ Real and tangible results in yourself


How It Works

Purchase the Academy

Purchase the Intentional Performance Academy and receive your academy welcome box in the mail in 3 to 5 days.

Invite Your Growth Partners

Invite one or two of your friends to be your Growth Partners. You have a 95% chance to achieve your goals when you have ongoing conversations about your goals.

Setup Zoom Calls

Schedule your Zoom calls with Ryan Bennett to learn and experience the Intentional Performance Academy.


Experience Real and Lasting Results

At then end of the academy, you will have developed lasting disciplines and growth that produced long-lasting and powerful results in your life.

Academy Structure

Week 1: Intentional Performance Academy Introduction

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett and your Growth Partner where you will be introduced to The Intentional Day, the neuroscience behind the method, and how the Intentional Growth Model and its application will apply to your lives over the next year. You and your growth partner will schedule out your weekly Growth Partner meetings.

Week 3: Creating Daily Disciplines

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett and your Growth Partner to create your Daily Disciplines. A Daily Discipline is a behavior or action that’s wired into our brain. It’s one we perform semi-automatically that propels us towards the person we desire to become. You will understand the power of establishing your own unique Daily Disciplines using The Intentional Day. You will leave the call with a customized game plan for your own growth, based on your own dreams, commitments, and goals. 

Week 4: Creating Momentum

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett and your Growth Partner for specific guidance on gaining momentum as you start to work towards your Daily Disciplines. Also, you will learn how to facilitate a growth partnership weekly meeting to create the best opportunity for success.

Week 8: Monthly Deep-Dive Discussion for Success, Growth, and Learning

You and the other academy cohorts will have the opportunity to discuss big wins and learnings in a deep-dive mastermind discussion giving you an opportunity to learn and bond with each other in a natural, motivating, and empowering way.

Week 12: Celebration Day

You and the other academy cohorts will have the opportunity to share your  biggest takeaways during the Intentional Performance Academy. This day builds trust, relationships, and comradery as you learn to win together and all graduate with a common framework and rhythm to continue to intentionally grow. 

After the completion of the academy, you will be subscribed to The Intentional Day and sent a fresh copy of the workbook every three months. The subscription is $20 each quarter. No obligation. Cancel anytime.

Three Essential Elements

The Intentional Performance Academy has three essential elements to produce long-lasting and powerful results


The Intentional Day book

The Intentional Day provides a path for you to turn your dreams, goals, and learnings into a process that will accelerate the achievement of your goals, build momentum in your life, and become the person you never thought possible. As awareness and learnings are gained through Growth Partners meetings and Deep Dives, The Intentional Day provides a path to turn those learnings into actual disciplines and habits that lead to your growth. 

Click here to learn more about the book 

    Growth Partners

    Growth Partners are one or two of your friends, typically at the same professional level and life stage as you, who meet weekly to discuss your wins, losses, and learnings from their past week in The Intentional Day. This is a key element of the program because – according to The American Society of Training and Development – people only have a 65% chance of achieving a goal when they just meet with another person one time, but when they schedule and commit to recurring conversations about the progress of their goals, the percentage jumps from 65% to 95%!  Each participant in the program will find one to two other friends as growth partners to meet weekly and discuss your unique wins, losses, and learnings from the past week.

      Deep Dive Mastermind Discussions

      Participate in deep-dive mastermind discussions with the whole group that will give you an opportunity to learn and bond with one another in a natural, motivating, and empowering way. This monthly or quarterly Zoom discussion allows you to learn from others’ wins and losses and creates the opportunity to discuss thoughts and ask questions directly with Ryan Bennett and the other leaders of the academy.

        Why This Works

        Most people aren’t achieving what they want to achieve in business and life, not because they don’t have goals, but because goal setting by itself doesn’t work. Only eight percent of people who set goals actually achieve them. So why do we keep seeing the same ‘SMART’ goals formula? It fails because we focus solely on the outcome. This program’s approach doesn’t focus on short term outcomes but on the neuroscience and psychology behind goals, habits, and growth development that produces long-lasting and powerful results

        Mainstream culture touts the importance of education. It reveres Ivy League credentials and off the chart SAT scores. Grades, diplomas, and job offers are presumed indicators of growth and success. And yet, for myself and those I was speaking with — for all our Master’s degrees and partner-track careers — all that education had not led us to meaningful growth in our adult lives. We’d spent decades accumulating knowledge to pass tests, write papers and land jobs; but those outcomes were finite. Why did all that knowledge still leave us feeling stagnant?

        What I came to understand is that knowledge contained in a vacuum is powerless, and knowledge by itself is not a direct corollary to growth. Knowledge gains its power when paired with purposeful action (discipline), and it’s the pairing of knowledge with discipline that ultimately leads to growth. To look at it on paper, it’s a simple formula: Knowledge + Discipline = Growth. But it’s a little like chemistry, where combining two basic elements can lead to a potent and powerful result.

        This formula is what I call the Intentional Growth Model:

        Knowledge + Discipline = Growth™



        Download the eBook for FREE and learn how this book can change your life

        “The most effective tools are often the simple ones. The practical daily disciples reinforced in The Intentional Day make this new tool an instant classic. It’s an immediate must-have for those seeking to simultaneously improve the diversity and focus of their life goals. As a husband, father, community volunteer, and C-Level executive, my life is better because of this effective, simple tool.”

        Doug Day

        Chief Marketing Officer

        I’ve had nothing but a great experience with ‘The Intentional Day’. It has helped me define my purpose on a micro-level. Breaking my big audacious goals into actionable steps. I’ll continue to use The Intentional Day as a guide to success in my life and I hope it touches and has half the impact on others as it’s had on my life. God Bless!

        Dom Bluford

        I started this journey in hopes to become a better owner. But with Ryan Bennett’s holistic approach and his belief that personal growth impacts professional growth, not only have I seen a greater level of effectiveness in the workplace (ie sales, staff retention, etc) but also a growth personally seen in my emotional and mental health and capacity. This process has been nothing short of a “game changer” and I plan to implement this process as a core practice in my business, starting with the leadership. Highly recommend.

        Keeyoung Kim

        Owner, Sura Eats

        The Intentional Day has drastically changed the way I look at goal creation, implementation, completion, and evaluation. It’s been so effective, that on average I’ve been meeting and exceeding my goals in half the time I anticipated just by utilizing what is so clearly laid out in The Intentional Day book. I highly recommend The Intentional Day to anyone who is serious about growing themselves to get better everyday.

        Jeff Hanson

        Owner, 42 Plus Investments

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